How do I download the railway model buildings?


After purchasing the models the next screen will show a download link from where you can get the models, there will also be a link sent to your email address. If you are purchasing individual models, most come as PDF's which are ready to print.


Some of the larger models or packs come in a .rar file which needs to be extracted. Most copies of Windows or IOS have a program that can extract .rar files. All you need to do is right click on the file and click “extract here”.


If you don't have a program that can do this, there are free programs available online that can do this for you, such as WinRAR available here.



How do I construct the railway building models?


All of our model buildings for railways are super simple to build. It really is as easy as, cut, fold, glue. All the instructions are next to the model making it easier to do.


We would recommend scoring the inside of the model along the fold lines just to create a nicer finish.


What paper should I print the models on?


That is entirely up to you. We use 250 GSM card for our models which doesn't require any other building materials. Some prefer to print onto paper or photo paper and then glue onto a harder card (construction card) or balsa wood for a studier building.