N Gauge Buildings Value Packs

A collection of packs of N Gauge buildings, ready to be downloaded, printed and built into any layout.

N Gauge model railway layouts have been growing in popularity ever since release many years ago. N Scale is usually in 1:148 but at times some manufacturers use 1:160 but N gauge is always a rail gauge of 9mm.

The biggest advantage to N Gauge over OO or HO scales is that it takes up so little space (unless of course you go for a massive layout). In real terms a similarly modelled N Gauge layout will take up half the space of a OO layout. Making this a great scale to model in for those of us with smaller houses or flats.

Our N Gauge buildings are super easy to construct while looking great using photo realistic graphics. Keeping things simple was key to our designing process, while N gauge can make railway modelling more accessible for those with small spaces it also means modelling and building these smaller models can be tough. Thats why our N gauge model buildings follow a simple technique of cut, fold and glue. No small parts!